Tomsline Mini Metal Pedal

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Part No: 11340147

If you are looking for a crisp and aggressive distortion tone for your guitar, then look no further! The Tomsline Mini Metal True Bypass Guitar Effect Pedal will get you that great, raw distortion sound that’s perfect for any metal guitarist.



·      Mini size, total metal case

·      High gain output

·      Super quiet IC inside

·      True Bypass

·      Gain, Tone and Level adjustable

·      Power by DC 9V



·      Input impedance: 500k ohm

·      Output Impedance: 150 ohm

·      Recommended Load Impedance: 10k ohm

·      Equival Input Noise: -90 dBu or less

·      Power Supply DC 9V – battery or AC adapter

·      Current draw: 5.5 mA (DC 9V)

·      Dimension: 115mm x 73mm x 48mm

·      Weight including battery: 270g